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Posted by Kev Traynor on Jul 31, 2020 10:47:52 AM
Kev Traynor
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We're hiring. Here are our top tips for standing out from the crowd and success in getting a job with us.

Read the job spec

It’s amazing and appalling how many applications we have where the candidate has no (that’s right zero, nada, zilch) experience in anything related to what we do.

We're a data driven sale & marketing consultancy business. So, you need to have experience in those areas. For trainee roles - that can we work experience, a degree, a side hustle etc. We're open minded. 

For more senior roles we need to see work experience and technical skills.

Don’t try to blag it

Dropping the words Hubspot or Google Ads into your resume just doesn’t cut it. We are deep technical marketers - we see you.

Get your certifications

Prove to us that you’ve invested time, effort & energy into your career. There are plenty of free courses and certifications on offer. We want to know that you can do technical stuff and more importantly that you’re up for it, always learning and up for pushing your career forward and developing new skills.

Get sector specific work experience

Demonstrate your work ethic - take an internship, volunteer at events, do what it takes.

Have a a side hustle

We love side hustles. Have a blog, run a podcast, run an eBay store - practice what you preach and show us that you already are/or have the potential to be an amazing marketer.  Let us know what you’ve learned from doing it and how you can apply this at work.

Be creative with your application and how you approach us

Connect with us on LinkedIn, use video, attend one of our webinars, get to know about us and get in our faces (in a nice way) - we want people who are creative in thought and execution.

Have a portfolio

Yes you read it right. We want to SEE what you’ve done. We want you to show it off, talk us through it and be able to show that you’ve added value and delivered business results.

Don’t be magnolia

The only person who likes this colour is your Nan.  Stand out - how you do it is up to you.

And finally - grammar and spelling are important...

They're the difference between convincing us that you know your shit, or that you know you’re shit. 😀

If this seems like a lot - that’s because IT IS. We are assembling a team of amazing data driven marketers.

If you make it onto the team - you’ll laugh, you’ll learn and you’ll become part of the family of amazing creative & technical experts.

But getting there takes work.

Put it in.

Impress us.

And become part of something brilliant.

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